“Give Me Sixty Minutes And I’ll Show You How to Get Zoom working For Any Business Purpose”


In this Course, You’ll See Step By Step On-Screen How to Use Zoom To Communicate Online

 Zoom has become the go-to App for both business people and individuals looking to connect with other people online.  And because of that awareness of the app is starting to pick up while interest in other platforms is starting to decline.  People working from home still want to connect, and they’ve now made their choice in big numbers to use Zoom.

So business owners now need to shift.  People are already used to Zoom, why not communicate with them in what they’re used to?  Why use a platform, just because it’s the one you’ve always used?  Zoom is low cost and low risk, once you understand what it can really do. 

But just like anything else, some people consider themselves to be “not tech savvy” and need your help.  Why not give them a reliable step by step walk through of the platform so that they can train themselves.  They’ll appreciate you more and start looking to see what else you can help them with.

That’s what it really means to be a resource.  Somebody who has the answers available when they’re needed. 

    You Can Become an Overnight Authority With Our Simple To Follow Training and Instruction






    Communicate and Meet with Zoom

    How to Use Zoom To Connect with Purpose 23-part Video eCourse to Communicate Online and Grow Your Busines










    23 Video Lessons will Show you How to Become an Overnight Authority With Our Simple-To-Follow Training and Instruction

    In addition to the 23 Video Tutorials you also receive the entire series in audio version (mp3). 


    In addition to the Video and Audio course, you get the following:

    • A Transcript of the Entire Program

    • Checklists for How to Setup and Run a Successful Event using Zoom

    • And more!


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    Our Communicate and Meet with Zoom Videos Will Position You As The Expert…


    Establish Trust

    Provide Reliable High Quality Information and Content That Your Customers Can Use With Confidence

    Be An Authority

    Create A Presence In Your Niche By Tailoring the Information To Their Specific Needs

    Build Your List

    Host events to increase your influence and your contacts

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    Carole Connor

    Carole Connor


    I am so glad I attended this event! I am just learing about Zoom and really need to know how to use it for my Reiki practice to connect with clients virtually. This has helped me feel more comfortable using Zoom.  Thank you so much!

    Patricia Reid-Wallace

    Patricia Reid-Wallace


    This was very informative. I have a much better understanding of how to use Zoom and look forward to implementing it in my own buiness. Thank you from Jamaica!

    Devona Williams

    Devona Williams


    Thank you Sheila, Heidi and everyone. I learned so much on the live webinar and look forward to the Zoom course…  Much success to you all in using Zoom to grow Your Businesses!

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